When I was a child, I believed that I could be anything I wanted to be. I wanted to be a singer, a musician and an inspiration to others.

A lot has changed over the last twenty years. My dreams have now faded. Invisible imprints left behind on a sheet of paper. Lost in the fog and nowhere in sight.

I was three years old when I sang onstage for the first time. Back then, I was invincible. I believed that the whole world was mine for the taking. I grabbed life by the balls and told everyone who asked that I wanted to be just like my heroes. That I wanted to perform my heart out and share that joyous song I harboured within my soul with others. I had a curiosity for life and lived with a joie de vivre that I find difficult to replicate now, twenty years later.

The sad thing about being constantly told how you’ll never be good enough while growing up is how it completely destroys any dream you’ve ever harboured. Sure, there are people who rise above it all and will strive to prove the people who knocked them down wrong. But imagine being told that day after day and year after year.

It gets tiring.

Eventually, innocence is lost. And you’ll find yourself nowhere near being that three year old you once were.

Your heart will grow cold. It will believe everything this harsh world has told you.

Dreams have no place in the real world. And eventually, neither will you.


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